The FinOps Fundamentals.

This is a handbook made just for you. It's almost everything you didn't know you didn't know about FinOps.

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How it works.


We kept finding ourselves wishing there was some place where the useful stuff was all collated. The internet is great - but it's vast. So, we stated a handbook to note down the things we thought every FinOps Expert should know. 

And we want to share it with you!

To make it easy to navigate, we've split the handbook into 'chapters', which cover a topic or topics. Most chapters have a 'Real-World FinOps' Project associated with them so you can put into practice what you've learnt.

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The handbook:

The lowdown on HR & Payroll. Including:

  • new joiners & leavers
  • bonuses, commissions and payroll changes
  • HMRC compliance
  • reviewing & paying payroll


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What you need to know about spending cash. Including:

  • managing invoices
  • business & employee cards
  • approval flows
  • reporting on spend


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Get the scoop on building out a financial forecast. Including:

  • headcount and cost planning
  • re-forecasting
  • actuals v forecast
  • financial models


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A refresher of the accounting basics. Including:

  • debits and credits
  • accrual accounting
  • accounting software
  • a crash course in Xero


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The fundamentals of process design. Including:

  • process mapping
  • choosing great software
  • using checklists
  • automating processes


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Intro to VBA programming for a finance function. Including:

  • glossary of key terms
  • how VBA is structured
  • VBA procedures
  • creating graphs


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We know what it's like.

Working in a startup or small business has so many upsides - and we are BIG fans - but it can often feel like there's no one you can turn to, to answer your questions, give you guidance or help you navigate a thorny issue.

That's why we created the FinOps Forum. It's a free, slack community where you can find out more about finance, operations, start-ups, scale-ups and technology.

Topics such as: hiring, the best tech tools, scaling advice, investment questions, tricky tax topics... it's all there.

And we'd love you to be a part of it too 🤩.

FinOps Fundamentals


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So we're changing that.


Finance and accounting training should give you the skills you need for the future. It should show you how to solve real problems you will encounter everyday. It should show you how to use real technology.

We think that together, we can build a learning community that can do much better.

But we can't do it alone. 

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Years of Academy Training Wasted!

The hands-on tools and knowledge of running a finance function has already made my team run more efficiently!! 😁

Tomi - Startup Operations Manager

Thanks so much! got my new role because of you 🙏 aced the interview with the real-world examples we'd been through.

Ben - New Startup FC

I thought I knew what working in a finance team would be like. I had no idea!

Will - FinOps Manager

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